CTF Rules

  1. The flag format is described using this regex: /^DUCTF{.*}$/
  2. The following is a sample of a valid flag. Any flag not in a similar format is a false flag. Sample flag: DUCTF{th1s_i5_4_s4mpl3_fl4g’+!-.@#$%?}
  3. Team size is up to 5 players to be eligible for prizes (see prizes for more details).
  4. DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited.
  5. You are not allowed to brute-force any challenge on a server, unless specified otherwise.
  6. Collaboration between competing teams is not allowed.
  7. Flag hoarding is not allowed.
  8. Decision taken by admins in DownUnderCTF regarding all disputes is final.

Ground Rules

  1. Treat everyone with respect. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment. If you have a concern for any reason, please contact an admin immediately.
  2. Posting flags in any channel is strictly prohibited.
  3. Please do not share links for pirated software, books or tools.
  4. Keep the content mostly SFW in DUCTF communication platforms.
  5. Do not post write-ups until the CTF is over.
  6. Do not hack the CTF infrastructure.
  7. Do not advertise other CTFs/Discord servers/events without asking an organizer/admin.
  8. Violation of any of the rules may lead to deletion of the messages, or even getting banned from the Discord server and DownUnderCTF.
  9. Regarding all disputes, the decision by admins is final.
  10. IMPORTANT: Have fun!