2020 CTF Statistics

Published on 21 September 2020

Congratulations to the top 10 teams! The full scoreboard is available here or on CTFTime.

Top 10 teams


Top 10 Australian secondary/tertiary student teams


Number of players

We had an amazing turnout of over 3000 registered users and almost 1400 teams. More than 80% of teams submitted at least one attempt, and more than 75% of the teams solved at least one challenge.


Sign ups

Registration opened in late August when the event was advertised within our university channels. The majority of the sign ups were right before and during the event. On the starting day of the CTF there were over 1200 sign ups.

Country distribution

India, Australia and the US made up for over half of the player base. We were glad to see the amount of international interest in the CTF.

Sign in activity

This graph shows when players were signing in to the CTF platform.

Submission statistics

This graph shows how many teams submitted an attempt to a certain number of challenges. 181 teams submitted at an attempt for one challenge. One of the teams submitted an attempt to 46 challenges!

This graph shows how many teams submitted a certain number of submissions. 138 teams made only one submission throughout the entire CTF. One team made 399 submissions across the 56 challenges.

This graph shows when teams were submitting flags, and when teams were submitting correct flags. There were thousands of submissions at the start of the CTF, and a spike in the last couple of hours.

This graph shows how many teams solved a certain number of challenges. 206 teams solved only one challenge, while the top team solved an impressive 44 out of the 56 challenges!

Challenge Statistics